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Meet Our Dogs

At Taylor Made Working Dogs, we take great pride in our personal German Shepherds, the cornerstone of our breeding program. These dogs consistently outperform in competitions and advanced training, showcasing exceptional traits that are passed down to the Von Taylorhof puppies. We are unwavering in our commitment to maintaining the health and stability of our German Shepherds, ensuring a nurturing and secure environment in our home or in a guardian home. This ensures they thrive as working dogs, and their exceptional traits can be passed down for generations, leaving us and our clients intrigued and impressed by the capabilities of the working-line German Shepherds.

Von Taylorhof Kennel is deeply committed to preserving the working-line German shepherd. We are consistently impressed with their extraordinary abilities, unwavering loyalty, and striking beauty, which are rarely matched in the dog world. The working-line German shepherd has served many significant and heroic roles throughout history. At Taylor Made Working Dogs, we are wholeheartedly dedicated to preserving this rich legacy, ensuring that the working-line German shepherd continues to enrich our lives. This dedication should reassure you of the quality and heritage of our dogs.

Dazi vom Wulfrik

OFA Excellent
Born: 11-12-2020

Qarma von Taylorhof

Hips and elbows A stamp
Born: December 7th, 2020

Aida Allegra Bohemia Tilia

Hips and elbows OFA good
Born: March 14th 2020

Quenne Opavia Hof

Hips and elbows A stamp
Born: December 31st, 2016

Zina Pet Keram

Born: March 11th 2020

Taylor Made Raw Food

Explore the life-changing benefits of raw food for your dogs, supported by over 30 years of experience in the award-winning dog industry and grounded in scientific research. Taylor Made Raw produces its products in the USA in small batches, guaranteeing uncompromising quality and integrity.

Board and Train

Enroll your dog in Taylor Made Working Dogs’ board and train service, also known as dog boot camp, for a comprehensive 6-to-12 weeks program designed to meet your dogs specific needs. Our program addresses behavior modification for reactive or aggressive dogs, estate guardian training, protection dog training, basic obedience, and Schutzhund training.