Dog Training

Kris Taylor has been training dogs since 1987.  His experience consists of many disciplines, including dominant and aggressive dogs, police and military, competition, and personal protection. He and his experienced team have the focus, dedication and knowledge to help you achieve goals set with your dog no matter how big or small. From training dogs in basic obedience to competition level of obedience we use many different aspects when working with your pet. When it comes to dominant and aggressive dogs, we can help them come to a balanced and calm state of mind. Our main talents here at Taylor Made Working Dogs specialize in personal protection and schutzhund sport.  We also offer seminars and private lessons from family house hold pets to police and military special forces working dogs.

Taylor Made Working Dogs can help you and your dog achieve the goals that are needed to make a successful way of life.  Whether it be for personal protection, competition, or a family pet, our standards are held high.  We encourage anyone interested in competition. obedience or personal protection to come and see us first hand at our training sessions.  Meet us and see how you feel about our training.  You can get an idea of who we are and how we will be working with you and your dog.  Call us now to set up an appointment! 619-987-3592 or