🏆Hall of Fame Program🏆



This is 3 month off leash program for dogs 6 months and older.

Cost: $9900.00 (E collar, place bed, prong collar, service dog identification and vest included).

For those of you looking to have your dog finished and ready to be respectfully by your side with out causing a fuss, getting impatient, being rude or drawing negative attention in any way. Be able to bring your dog with in to all scenarios, enjoy his or her companionship and not have to worry about what happens if…

This program can also be geared towards public access training/service dog training. 

  • Want your dog to go with you to your office/shop with ease without disruption?
  • No leash, no problem.
  • Guess arriving? Don’t even worry about it.
  • Dogs barking at your dog getting him worked up? Not anymore.
  • Want to travel? beside to reserve a spot next to you, because you won’t want to leave your dog behind.

Book a meet and greet or details and reservations. 

Out of state? We can discuss over the phone at your convenience. 

*airport pick up is available*

What should I Expect?

The dogs experience

  • We are balanced trainers, using both positive reinforcement and correcting negative, unwanted behaviors for optimal harmony with your canine companion.
  • We train on and off property as well as in the home.
  • Dogs work individually, in groups, alongside other dogs, are exposed to a variety of people and proof their skills on additional handlers.
  • They are exercised daily, go for training walks and of course have some free time to just be a dog.

Your experience 

  1. Schedule a meet and greet to evaluate your dog, goals and how to achieve them. Choose a program, and pay a deposit reserve your spot.
  2. Drop your dog off at scheduled appointment with items listed below. Payment is due at this time in full.
  3. Receive updates via text/social media
  4. Visit every two weeks to receive personal training as well as spend time with your dog. This is by appointment only.
  5. Go home time!! You have a training session, receive a go home package with training equipment recommended to continue at home.
  6. Come back one week later for a follow up session to ensure a successful transition.
  7. Come back one month later to be sure everything has settled smoothly
  8. Additional follow up sessions are available at no additional fee if needed.

What you will need to bring with your dog:

  1. fresh bag of food
  2. Proof of vaccinations
  3. Proof of flea and tick preventative
  4. Collar with ID tag (just needs your phone number)