✨Future Star on Leash Program✨



This is a 4 to 6 week program offered for puppies 4 to 6 months of age

Cost: 4 weeks $3900.00, 6 weeks $5800.00 (Prong collar, place bed)

Want to give your puppy the perfect foundation in training allowing for the best possible future? Don’t want your dog pulling on leash, jumping on people or generally being a nuisance in public? Our on leash future star program will teach them to walk nicely thru the neighborhood, respectable house manners, improved social skills and create a well manners and socially accepted family companion.

Our future star obedience program covers the following.

  • Crate training
  • Loose leash walking
  • Basic obedience: Sit, down, bed, stay, heel
  • Self containment, being able to wait in a bed stay or down stay with duration and distraction, this is one of our most valuable tools to be used in daily life in the home or out and about.
  • How to sit when greeting people.
  • Quietly waiting on leash at doors, gates and crates for release.
  • Social development with other dogs, adults children and strangers.
  • Developing good house manners, and manners in public.
  • Manners with food. How to not take food unless offered.
  • Building confidence with sighs and sounds and new environments.


What should I Expect?

The dogs experience

  • We are balanced trainers, using both positive reinforcement and correcting negative, unwanted behaviors for optimal harmony with your canine companion.
  • We train on and off property as well as in the home.
  • Dogs work individually, in groups, alongside other dogs, are exposed to a variety of people and proof their skills on additional handlers.
  • They are exercised daily, go for training walks and of course have some free time to just be a dog.

Your experience 

  1. Schedule a meet and greet to evaluate your dog, goals and how to achieve them. Choose a program, and pay a deposit reserve your spot.
  2. Drop your dog off at scheduled appointment with items listed below. Payment is due at this time in full.
  3. Receive updates via text/social media
  4. Visit every two weeks to receive personal training as well as spend time with your dog. This is by appointment only.
  5. Go home time!! You have a training session, receive a go home package with training equipment recommended to continue at home.
  6. Come back one week later for a follow up session to ensure a successful transition.
  7. Come back one month later to be sure everything has settled smoothly
  8. Additional follow up sessions are available at no additional fee if needed.

What you will need to bring with your dog:

  1. fresh bag of food
  2. Proof of vaccinations
  3. Proof of flea and tick preventative
  4. Collar with ID tag (just needs your phone number)