Rattlesnake Avoidance Training

Rattlesnake bites can be deadly to your dog.  Rattlesnake avoidance training offers a quick lesson to dogs to avoid ALL snakes reguardless if they are venomous or not. We at Taylor Made Working Dogs find it crucial to teach all aspects of rattlesnake avoidance training. The lesson is usually recommend only once for mature dogs for the rest of their lives. Younger dogs may need a repeat rattlesnake avoidance lesson as they mature.  Great training for such a valuable lesson that could ultimatly save your dogs life!

Our rattlesnake avoidance training can be done on an individual basis for the same price as a single private lesson or you can get a group of 4 or more together and take advantage of the group discounts.  You can also organize a rattlesnake avoidance clinic.  Click on the link below for more info or call us at 619-726-4813.