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Protection Training

At Taylor Made Working Dogs we specialize in offering comprehensive training services designed to enhance personal protection. Whether you’re seeking to feel secure in your daily activities or require specialized security training, our expertise covers a wide range of needs. Our services cater to individuals and their personal dogs, as well as law enforcement agencies and military special forces. By leveraging our extensive experience, we aim to provide tailored solutions that instill confidence and safety.


  • Home invasion: Dogs undergo specialized training to safeguard their owners and homes, effectively serving as a deterrent to crime and a devoted first line of defense for families.


  • Customized Obedience Training: In our customized obedience training program, essential commands are taught to ensure that your dog exhibits obedience in any environment. This training will make your dog a reliable and disciplined companion in all situations.


  • Exterior Perimeter Search: Dogs are trained to do a thorough search around the exterior perimeter while remaining vigilant for any potential threats that may be barricaded or hidden.


  • Executive or Estate Protection: dogs are specifically trained to provide an elevated level of security and peace of mind by actively identifying and neutralizing potential threats. These dogs are intensively trained to prioritize the safety of you and your family above all else, displaying unwavering loyalty and readiness to defend against any danger.


  • Passive Bite: passive bites training is essential for overall protection dog. It would be easy for an intruder to sit with his head in his arms, point a loaded weapon, and be ready to use it. Our protection dog training includes passive bite training to prepare for a realistic home invasion. We prepare for situations where the “bad guys” don’t seem “bad”.


  • Alert on command or by threat: A vigilant protection dog should instinctively react to potential threats, whether or not a specific command is given. While a dog trained to respond to an “attack” command is valuable, a dog that proactively barks at a stranger can be even more effective in alerting its owner to potential danger. Alert training plays a vital role in shaping a protection dog’s ability to assess and respond to potential threats.

Protection Training Beginner

Our Beginner Protection program is designed for dogs with basic obedience training who show potential for personal or estate protection. We offer comprehensive off-leash and command-based protection training to lay the foundation for your dog to become an elite protector. Your dog will learn to bark on command and face distractions confidently, ensuring a reliable response when needed. This training emphasizes deterrence, with your dog acting as a vigilant companion and an alarm system, providing you with a strong sense of security and peace of mind. Our foundational training focuses on obstacle and environment socialization ensuring stability with protection. Dogs in the Beginning Protection program focus on training that will allow you to act more quickly and with the added protection of your trained protection dog.

(12 weeks at TMWD) – $18,750


Advanced Personal Protection Training

Our Advanced Protection program is not just about theoretical training. We enhance the skills of an already proficient personal protection dog by providing rigorous real-life training. Your dog will be trained to track down and apprehend fleeing individuals or neutralize threats, regardless of their distance. This practical approach ensures that your dog will be able to perform in any environment. We also focus on training your protection dog to perform perimeter searches and bite on command. Your dog will learn to tackle and subdue adversaries with precision. This program also includes off-leash obedience training, ensuring that your dog will respond to your commands from any distance and under any level of distraction, as well as socialization so your dog is confident and comfortable around children, family, or in a business environment.

(17 weeks at TMWD) $26,790 plus 3 additional lessons per year for two years)


Expert Personal Protection Training

Expert Personal Protection sets the standard for personal and estate protection for your dog. At this stage, your dog has already demonstrated the exceptional strength, determination, and endurance required to become a top-tier protection dog. They have completed advanced training, ensuring they are highly responsive and well-prepared to tackle any situation. Your protection dog will exhibit remarkable adaptability and can effectively respond to any environment or threat, whether given a command or acting independently. They are specifically trained to conduct thorough perimeter searches and can bark and bite on command or when circumstances demand it. These dogs are renowned for their unwavering reliability and versatility. They are equally at ease socializing with young children as they are warding off aggressive intruders.

(23 weeks at TMWD)  plus 3 additional lessons per year for two years) $36,425