Owen van de Zeelberg

Owen van de Zeelberg

•V rated

Born: May 14, 2011

Standing At Stud

Pedigree information: Here

Owen is an import from Holland, he is an extremely high drive dog, with very intense ball, food and prey drives. It is very rare to see a German Shepherd with this kind of drive. Owen has incredible power and speed in every thing that he does but at the same time a balanced stable temperament. He is great with all people, other dogs and animals and actually settles down in the house or car quite well. As you can imagine Owen is a monster in protection, he is extremely strong in tracking and very powerful in Obedience.
Owen is a big boy, weighing around 85lbs, he’s extremely solid with large bone, and fantastic conformation. One of Owens most stunning features is actually his eyes, the most perfect almond shaped eyes we have ever seen here at the kennel.