Upcoming Litters



Pedigree: Sire


Puppies were born 2-04-21

We are expecting our Tito/Quenne litter to produce wonderful dark sable pups with excellent red pigment along with possible black and maybe black and tans. These puppies should be suitable for active family pet, competition, SAR and service dog homes. We will be choosing from this litter for our breeding program so we ask that anyone interested remain very patient while we make a decision. Quenne had 3 boys and 7 girls, more than likely no males are available but we should have excellent females! Feel free to contact us with any questions.



Pedigree: Here

Puppies Due 02-12-21

Another one of our famous show/working crosses. We expect excellent pigment, wonderful temperament and workability from this litter. We should have black and reds and red sable pups. These puppies will make wonderful active family pets, service dogs, and competition dogs.




Pedigree: Sire 


Puppies Due 02-16-21

Both Jorry and Esme are very strong dogs. We expect some amazing top level competition dogs out of this breeding! Dark sables, black, and black and tan pups. Please contact us for details.