Puppies for Sale

Von Taylorhof VV litter


Pedigree: Sire Dam

Born: 5-08-2021

We have some beautiful girls available from this breeding!! All pups are social, stable and have wonderful drive. These puppies could go as active family pets, service dogs, or competition dogs! Please contact us for details!


Vi von Taylorhof

Vi is a beautiful plush coat dark sable pup our of our Marek/Mary litter. This girl is the largest female from the breeding and very spunky! Vi has wonderful food drive and loves toys! She would make an excellent active family pet, SAR dog, service dog prospect or working dog. Please contact us for details. 

Venus von Taylorhof

Venus is a beautiful stock coat dark red sable girl with her moms wonderful bone! This little beauty is the leader of the girls and is a ver confident pup. Venus would make an excellent working dog or active family pet, she is quite easy to handle despite being in charge around the other pups. Venus has excellent food drive and prey drive. Please contact us for details!

Veera von Taylorhof

Beautiful Veera! This girl is HAPPY! I believe I have never seen her tail stop wagging actually . Veera loves people, and is very sweet. She, like her sisters has wonderful drives for work but the temperament to be an excellent pet meaning she could go either way. Please contact us for details!

Vasha von Taylorhof


This awesome girl is just as feisty as she is beautiful! Vasha is a stunning black sable stock coat girl who is crate trained, socialized and ready to go! She has excellent food drive, excellent prey drive and a super sweet temperament making her an excellent choice for work OR active family pet. Please contact us for details on this girl!



Von Taylorhof RR litter


Born: 2-04-2021


Pedigree: Sire  Dam

We have some excellent available pups from this litter! All puppies are social, friendly and medium drive. They would make excellent active family pets, or service dog prospects. Please contact us for details!


Vom Gunner Haus BB litter Thor/Ari


Price: 1900.00

Pedigree: Here

A stunning show and working cross, this litter has both beauty and brains! These pups have wonderful open social temperaments, and great drive for work! Please contact us for details.



Athena von Taylorhof


Pedigree: Sire 


Price: $2500.00

Athena is a  beautiful black sable girl, she has excellent bone and pigment and we expect her to be a good size female, probably around 70 to 75lbs. Athena is a super sassy high drive girl and would do best with a job.Athena is crate trained and socialized, She has very high prey drive along with very high food drive and a strong attitude to go with it! Please contact us for more details!

Vom Gunner Haus



Price: $1900.00

Pedigree: Here

Another one of our awesome show and working crosses. This breeding brings you the best of both worlds. Excellent health, temperament, workability and conformation. These pups are social, stable and have wonderful drive. Please contact us for details.