Females for Sale


Electra von Taylorhof

Born: 05-08-2022

Pedigree: Sire  Dam

Price: $8500.00

Electra von Taylorhof is a spicy young sable working line girl with fantastic drive for work. Electra is loyal to her handler and family members but quite protective of outsiders. She is stable, medium energy, social with other dogs and perfect for home/estate guardian or personal protection work. Electra has high ball drive high food drive and excellent grips in protection, she is currently in our training program and ready to join a new family!

Kraya von Taylorhof

Born: 02-06-2023

Price: $18,000.00

Pedigree: Sire Dam 

Kraya is a beautiful bicolor girl, expected to be on the larger side, she has excellent bone and strong working drives. Kraya has full calm grips and is a higher drive dog. She has just left us to join our estate guardian training program where she will be perfectly off leash trained and prepared for any situation! Pricing listed above is the finished price for her. Kraya’s training will like take close to 6 months, making her finished August/September of 2024. We are able to hold her for the perfect family with a deposit until she is ready to go home. If your interested in making Kraya a part of your family please feel free to contact us!


Venus von Taylorhof


Pedigree: Here 



Venus is a big boned solid black female with excellent temperament! Venus is fully off leash trained and bonds quickly to her handler, She is naturally protective of family members but easily controlled in any situation by her handler. Venus is a medium drive dog who enjoys going for walks, hikes and ball play! She is crate trained, socialized, rides well in a car and looking for her perfect forever home!


Rio V Teck9’s

Born: 04-12-21

Pedigree: Here 

Price: 7200.00

Rio is a great girl! She is a sweet dog with an intense look about her. Rio has been socialized with dogs and people, she is crated trained, and currently training as an estate guardian dog/ home protection k9! Rio loves her handler and is quite loyal, she rides well in the car and is a joy to have around.

Jolene von Taylorhof

Born: 02-04-2023

Price: 3500.00

Pedigree: Here

Jolene is an awesome happy dark sable girl with medium drive. Jolene has prey drive and good food drive but isn’t over the top in any way. She is best suited for active family pet or home protection work. She has started basic obedience, is crated trained and socialized.

Kuza von Taylorhof

Born: 02-06-2023

Price: 2900.00

Pedigree: Here

Kuza is a very large boned bicolor female from our Arrasco/Fratzi breeding. This stunning girl is so much fun! She loves people, other dogs and is incredibly playful. Kuza has started basic obedience has medium/lower drive but has started some protection work as well. Kuza is crated trained, socialized and ready to go to her new home!


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