Obedience Training

We offer a variety of dog training from private lessons, in-board training to group lessons for all breeds of dogs. The first step in getting your dog trained is by starting with an evaluation of the dog so we can get an idea of what the training will entail. Our evaluations of your dog are free if you come to our facility. Otherwise we charge a $50 service fee to come to your place which will be included as part of a lesson or package price if one is purchased. The information we provide is our best judgment of what we suggest would be best for you and your dog. Buying a package will also allow discounts on each lesson.  We also offer 15% discount off any purchase for any police, military, EMS, or fire personnel. (with valid ID)

Private Lessons

With private lessons you will work one on one with us and your dog to accomplish the goals you are looking to achieve. We spend about one hour with you and your dog working on training you. Yes, we will help you with your dog but the best results are achieved when your dog is being trained by you. It not only helps to develop a stronger bond with dog but also teaches the dog a clear state of mind. We sell packaged lessons for a discounted rate.(Highly popular and suggested purchase) On a normal basis each lesson package equals that amount of weeks for training.

Example: If you buy a 6 pack of lessons, ideally it would be training the dog over a period of 6 weeks. With you meeting with us, once a week, for about an hour. We will give you some training ideas to take home and work with your dog for that week.

In-Board Training

Here you bring your dog to us for training. Most the time in-board training is use for dominate or aggressive dogs where private lessons may not benefit as much. But we always offer the ability for any dog to come in for training.  It is more expensive than private lessons or group lessons because of the constant training and care for the dog.  With in-board training the dog can be worked with and handled multiple times everyday by a professional experienced dog trainer.  Our goals with in-board training are to create a clear state of mind by teaching the dog new choices in life.  After the in-board training is finished we always want to do a follow-up lesson (which is included in the price of the in-board training) with the client so that the dog understands the same rules apply at home.

Group Classes

This is the least expensive of all our training options for obedience.  In the group setting there will be one to two trainers to work with everyone and their dogs.  These classes last about one hour, one day a week and last for five weeks.  We cover everything from sit, down, focus work, recall , stay and loose leash walking.  Our group classes are revolving, meaning they can be joined at any time! This makes the class quite unique, and keeps availability open.


Puppy Class (12-18 weeks)

Our 5 week puppy course is specifically designed to help pet parents with new additions. We cover many topics such as potty training, grooming, how dogs learn, nutrition, socialization and more. During class you will learn how to effectively set rules and boundaries, mark behaviors, introduce environmental stimuli the right way and properly handle your new pup. We end each week with a supervised puppy play.

Basic Obedience

Taylor Made Working Dogs 5 week basic obedience course has over 20 years in the making. We have designed this class to ensure the success of every handler and their dog. During our basic obedience lessons you will not only learn, but perfect the following commands:  Sit, down, leave it, loose leash walking and recall.  It is our goal, that by the end of your course you leave with a full understanding of how to shape behavior, communicate with your dog, and above all form a strong bond that lasts a lifetime. This class is the foundation class to all of our intermediate and advanced courses.

Intermediate Obedience

The 5 week intermediate course is designed to build on skills gained during basic obedience. We add distance, distraction and duration to proof commands, introduce new learning techniques and tools as well as in-depth conversations about dogs natural behavior.  Commands covered are:  Expanding on sit, down, recall, leave it, loose leash walking and new behaviors such as sit politely for greeting, place, introduction to retrieve, up and off and one surprise trick.

Advanced Obedience

The 5 week advanced course is geared towards total off leash control, no matter what the environment may hold. You must have completed two of our prior courses to join any of our advanced group classes.


Class Schedule and Pricing

Pay as you go, each one hour lesson is $30.00

One 5 week course is $125

Two courses purchased at the same time is $225 ($25 discount)

Puppy through advanced package is $400 ($100 discount)

Group classes have been moved to Saturdays at 9:00am we will be posting start days for each class, beginning late August 2021, please watch our social media to stay up to date on classes or contact us directly.