Liz Snider

Liz Snider is a Certified dog training instructor with over 9 years professional experience. She specializes in foundation Obedience, problem solving of unwanted behaviors, and modification of dominant/aggressive cases. Liz is a registered member of the IACP, and was an ACK CGC evaluator for many years. She has experience working with service/therapy dogs, and an absolute passion towards these animals. Currently training her own dogs in the sport of Schutzhund it’s her dream to compete at high level. She has put BH’s  IPO1’s and CGCs on both her personal dogs, and client dogs as well as Dock Diving and herding titles.

Her love of dogs first began as a young child, always having family dogs and actively competing in Obedience with her local 4-H club. Although Liz’s real start in dog training didn’t truly begin until the age of 19 when she took home her first dog. An Australian shepherd named Cosby. Cosby suffered from a large range of aggressive behaviors and in an effort to understand what was happening and to fix her friend she began taking classes. From there her talent was discovered by her instructor who took Liz under her wing and in to her first dog training program. From there she gained several certifications and a very heavy background in positive training. Liz began to grow, gain experience and learn new methods, it was with this that she started to train privately as well as pet sit, dog walk and board dogs that most other trainers wouldn’t touch. She grew interested in search and rescue and started to look for her first working line German shepherd in 2013. Upon taking home this dog her life changed forever. Liz found herself in the world of Schutzhund and fell in love. She now follows her dream each day working closely with Kris Taylor here at Taylor Made Working Dogs, Leading group classes, private lessons and working with boarding dogs. Liz also takes all the social media photos, and helps with video.