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Taylor Made Working Dogs specializes in top-quality breeding and training for working dogs, protection dogs and family pets. We take great pride in our own working dogs and also our effective training methods for other family pets. We train for complex obedience tests such as Schutzhund training, as well as personal protection, basic obedience and rattlesnake avoidance. We also breed German Shepherds from exceptional bloodlines.

We provide regular obedience training to promote positive behaviors and eliminate overt aggression or dominance. Training is conducted with the owner and pet together, individually with the pet and trainer, or also in group classes with other dogs and owners. Training for guard dogs, personal protection dogs and Schutzhund police or military dogs is more in-depth and covers specific skills. Our own pure-bred German Shepherds are also our beloved family pets, and we are pleased to share their impeccable bloodlines, devoted personalities and handsome physiques with other families, trainers or service organizations.

Learn more about dog obedience training and Germans Shepherds for sale near San Diego from Taylor Made Working Dogs. Check our puppies section often for upcoming due dates and contact us to learn more.

Mission Statement

We are a family owned dog training and breeding company who’s mission is to provide top quality working line German Shepherds. Whether it be for sport work, competition, personal protection, or a top quality family pet, we strive to breed the best German Shepherd Dog possible. Keeping temperament, health and conformation in mind with every single breeding we do.

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Thanks to Damon Jennings for coming out and working Gordon with us. He's been retired and it's great to bring him out again and still see his abilities! #taylormadeworkingdogs #tmwd #gordonvomfuchsgraben #IPOchampion #worldteam #damonjennings #helperwork #ourdogsrock #germanshepherd ...

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We are currently selling our 2 male puppies. Both have great temperaments and are super stable and happy dogs. $2500 with full registration and health guarantees. Contact us for more info.
Patrick Pedigree is: www.pedigreedatabase.com/breeding.result?father=561891&mother=2024437
Oskar Pedigree is: www.pedigreedatabase.com/german_shepherd_dog/breeding.result?father=2024404&mother=1910831

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Happy National Dog Day! Here is to all our dogs in the Taylorhof home. (Not all pictured here). Enjoy today with your dog! #taylormadeworkingdogs #tmwd ...

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